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Life in Diamonds

Welcome to L.i.D Music Group, where the rhythm of innovation meets the soul of creativity. We are a record label dedicated to amplifying the voices of local and regional artists who embody passion, dedication, and a burning desire to make a mark on the music industry. At L.i.D Music Group, we don't just sign artists - we believe in partnering with visionaries who invest in themselves and have the potential to redefine the industry norms. Join us on this electrifying journey as we empower emerging talents to unleash their unique sound, tell their stories, and captivate audiences worldwide. Let the music speak, let the beats move, and let L.i.D Music Group be your gateway to a new era of sonic brilliance. 

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Our Story

Founded by Nathan Collins, L.i.D Music Group is the culmination of a lifelong dream that took root while in middle school. From a young age, Nathan's passion for music burned bright, fueling a vision to create a platform where local and regional artists could shine. With unwavering determination and a deep commitment to fostering talent, Nathan embarked on a journey to bring this dream to life. Through late nights, early mornings, and countless hours of hard work, L.i.D Music Group emerged as a beacon of hope for aspiring artists. Driven by a belief in the power of music to inspire, unite, and transform, our record label stands as a testament to Nathan's dedication and the artists who bring their voices to our stage. Together, we are rewriting the narrative of the music industry, one beat at a time. Join us on this extraordinary adventure as we celebrate creativity, embrace innovation, and honor the journey that started with a dream in middle school and continues to echo through the halls of our passion-fueled label. 


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