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Diamond Studios LLC. is a recording studio located in Toccoa GA. Our studio has a mission to help artists, podcast hosts, and those that want to learn about the music industry. We believe that studios shouldn't just be passionate about making money, but they should be passionate about helping artists fulfill their dreams. That's exactly what we do here at Diamond Studios. We have most passionate producers, engineers, teachers, and musicians to make that happen.


Here at Diamond Studios, our main focus is to record music, podcasts, and teach lessons. With these services we also offer writing assistance, musicians for hire, an isolated writing room, refreshments, and of course, our coffee bar. We will also assist you with our connections to the top photographers, videographers, designers, and creative directors in our area. When you walk into our doors, you will be introduced to everything you will need to get your music career going in the right direction. 


  • What genre does Diamond Studios record?

- We record almost every kind of genre! Our producers are diverse in styles. Nathan Collins specializes in Pop, Hip/Hop, R&B, & Singer Songwriter. Kevin Beggs Specializes in Rock styles, Singer Songwriter, Indie, Live Bands, & some Jazz. Have a question about a specific genre? Just click the contact tab and we'll help you out!

  • Why Toccoa?

- We believe Toccoa has so much to offer, but too little ways to offer it. We want to bring life back to the creative side of Toccoa, and offer an outlet to make someones dream their full-time job.

  • What makes you qualified?

- CEO Nathan Collins has been signed to two different record label agreements and has done music full time for the majority of his working career. At 23 years of age, he has the knowledge, experience, and drive to get things done the right way. Nathan has seen, learned, and experienced the side of the music industry most musicians never see. He has taken what he has learned and innovated it to better fit the lives of upcoming musicians. 

All of the Diamond Studios staff has had more than 7 years of recording and teaching experience. Our lessons are taught by a TFC graduate with a degree in music performance and music theory.


We are located at

217 W Savannah St. Toccoa GA 30577

Payment Methods

We accept:

Debit & credit cards, cash, and check

(Payments are non-refundable)

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