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Diamond Love is a program provided by Diamond Studios to create musical foundations for Toccoa's future. This program is structured to help provide opportunities for musicians and future musicians to make their hobby a full time career. 

What We Do

Diamond Love provides Toccoa's musicians with new opportunities to take their music to the next level. Diamond Love offers internships, sponsored lessons, shows, gigs, connections, and more to our hometown musicians. Toccoa is rich with musical talent and we believe it's time they shine. No matter the genre. 

Diamond Love is dedicated to making sure Toccoa's future isn't its past. For far too long, dreams and visions have been suffocated, kicked out, ran off, and discouraged. That all ends here and now. We believe in you, the dreamer, the opportunity taker, the opportunity creator, and in the creative mind. This is why we're doing everything we can to encourage the creative growth in our city.



We are currently offering an exciting internship opportunity at our cutting-edge recording studios. As an intern, you will have the unique chance to learn from industry professionals and immerse yourself in the world of music production.


Assist in setting up and maintaining recording equipment and studio spaces
Collaborate with engineers and producers on recording sessions
Edit and mix tracks using industry-standard software
Support the organization and cataloging of audio files and projects
Assist with general studio tasks and provide administrative support as needed

Live Gigs

Live Gigs - We're offering live gigs! Both paid and complementary gigs! We're also encouraging busking! Interested in playing? Send us an email!

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Sponsor - This part of the Diamond Love program opens up a world of opportunity for those who may not otherwise get them. Sponsorship allows sponsors to pay for the music lessons (For those under 18) and/or recording studio time for students and artists. Let's work together to invest in the future music generations of our city! Have questions or interested in this part of the program? Simply send us an email with the email below!

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Interested in investing, helping, growing, or being a part of us? Email us!

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