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How we work

Studio Etiquette

 Below are our expectations and also how we manage time and equipment.


  1. Scheduled and bought time slots are non-refundable.

  2. We expect you to respect our time, and be on time. 

  3. Your time starts at its scheduled time.

  4. If you go over your allotted time slot, we begin an hourly rate of $50.

  5. To benefit you, we can split sessions into multiple days, times of days, or weeks if payed in full and scheduled appropriately.

  6. Coffee and refreshments are available to every paying client.

  7. Damage to our instruments and equipment that may be done, will be covered by the client. 

  8. We do offer same day services. However, a $25 rush/convenience fee may be charged.

  9. Payments must be received before the recording process starts. 

  10. Please, use a coaster.

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